5 Preparations Before Taking a Wedding in a Bali Villa Wedding

5 Preparations Before Taking a Wedding in a Bali Villa Wedding

Marriage is one of the happiest moments for couples in love. Naturally, many couples plan carefully, from choosing the right vendor concept to determining the best wedding villa in Bali. So that nothing is missed, here are some preparations that must be made before the wedding begins.

Various Preparations for a Wedding in Bali

1. Arrangement of Marriage Files

Are you and your partner planning to get married in Bali? Before making it happen, you should consult with the Office of Religious Affairs or the Civil Registry Office first. Because there are a number of files that must be prepared so that the wedding can be held outside your area.

After all the files are complete, you also need to discuss this matter with the wedding planner and the organizer who helped the wedding party. All these preparations need to be done, so that your marriage and your spouse are considered religiously valid and legal in the eyes of the applicable law in Indonesia.

2. Determining Catering Services

As the owner of the event, of course, you have to serve a special meal for the invited guests who have tried to take their time and energy to be present as witnesses of the wedding. You don't need to have trouble choosing cheap and delicious catering services, because generally Bali villa weddings have partners you can trust.

3. Determine the number of invited guests

Inviting someone to a wedding is a form of sharing your happiness with those around you. However, that doesn't mean you can invite all known relatives to come to the wedding. Because you and your partner must consider the capacity of the room so that each guest feels comfortable without overcrowding.

There is nothing wrong with inviting the closest relatives and family from both families so that the marriage runs smoothly and wisely. This planning is very necessary, because the number of invited guests must of course be adjusted to the budget and cost of travel tickets if a wedding is outside the region.

4. Hire a Wedding Photographer

During the wedding event, of course you need to hire a wedding photographer to capture every happy moment without being missed. All the shots are taken by professionals in their fields, of course you will feel satisfied when you see them.

5. Determine the Place of Marriage

Bali is an island that is endowed with unmatched natural beauty, it is only natural that many couples dream of getting married there. Tying sacred promises witnessed by Balinese nature is certainly an unforgettable moment. If you are looking for natural scenery as the best wedding backdrop, you can choose a Bali villa wedding called Villa the Surga.

The Island of the Gods is known as a popular place to have a wedding, thanks to its charming natural gifts. If you are looking for a wedding venue around Uluwatu, then choosing Wedding Villa the Surga could be the solution. Present a charming natural view with the best service, guaranteed that the wedding will run smoothly as you wish.

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